Body Guards

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A sports body guard is a protective clothing piece that is worn on the chest or upper body to prevent injury. The ProForce(r) Lightning Sports Body Guard is made from vinyl-covered foam and is designed to protect the sternum, shoulders, and kidney area from blows. The product is lightweight and easy to wear, and comes in five different sizes. It fits over the shoulder and chest area and offers a snug, secure fit.

Depending on the sport, you’ll need to determine the best protection for your needs. Some body protectors are thick, while others are thin. For boxing, you’ll want to find one that is at least three inches thick. A body guard for taekwondo should be no thicker than a half-inch. For karate, you should go with a 3/4-inch-thick body guard. The padding is sectioned for comfort and flexibility.

For MMA, you’ll want a sports body guard with extra padding on your sternum and top shoulder. A 3/4-inch-thick foam will protect your entire chest from elbows, knees, and other impact. It will protect your kidney area as well. The 3/4-inch-thick foam is made to fit comfortably and securely without sacrificing mobility. They’re available in red, blue, and white, so it’s easy to find one that’s right for you.

A 3/4-inch-thick foam covering your chest and sternum is a great choice for protection. The material is vinyl-covered and contoured for maximum mobility. A high-quality, durable sports body guard will fit securely and provide full coverage of the chest, sternum, and top shoulder. These guards are ideal for any sport, and come in a variety of colors and designs to match any outfit. In addition to keeping you safe, they’ll make you look better, too.