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When you play darts, you use your hands to strike the board, which is divided into sections, each with a number. If your dart hits the yellow or black section, you earn points for each. If your dart hits the black section, you receive 18 points. If you want to score as high as possible, keep your balance throughout your throw and aim your darts up or slightly down. To help you keep score, you can place a chalk board next to your dartboard with the numbers 15 through 20 on it. If you hit the numbers with your darts, it counts as a throw, and if you miss, you score no points.

There are a number of ways to score a double, and you can use out-charts to help you achieve your goal. A good player will try to leave himself with a repeatable bisectable number after missing a double. Typically, he will aim for double 16 or higher, as this would leave him with doubles of 8 or four. This way, he won’t need to throw any extra darts to get a double.

The dartboard is made of compressed sisal fibres. Initially, the dartboard was made of solid wood, such as elm, but it was also trialled with clay in the First World War. A standard dartboard is 17 3/4 inches (451mm) in diameter, divided into 20 radial sections, numbered from one to twenty. The bullseye is a small red circle surrounded by a larger green bull.

Players who score single digits with three darts shout out “Circle it!” to the scorekeeper. A variation on this tradition is placing fish around the score. Under stacking is a way of saying that darts that land under another dart will not score. It also applies to the outer ring, which is normally referred to as the 20s. So, it’s important to get a board of the right size for your throw.

In the 1920s, organized championships were first held. The National Darts Association was founded in 1924, and by 1939, there were more than 300,000 players in the world. The game gained a great deal of popularity during the Second World War, when the military started issuing darts in “sports” packs. A standard dartboard will be harder to break. This is why dartboards made of century-old plants are so durable and require little maintenance.

Darts is played by throwing a dart at a target, called a bullseye. The player who scores the most points wins the game. This is a game of skill and strategy. There are many variations of the game, but the rules remain the same. To start, the first person throws three darts. They are scored based on the number where they land. A single dart in the outer ring will score three times the number, while a triple twenty will score 180 points.

Standard darts are the most common type of dart, and are made of brass or silver-nickel. They are lightweight and cheap but can be quite bulky. Tungsten darts are twice as dense as brass but are 30 percent smaller and are made of 80-95 percent tungsten alloy. Silver-nickel darts are a good compromise between density and cost. If you want to shape your bust, try to avoid standard darts.